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What We Do.

Regular Projects.

One of the bigger projects of recent years was to replace two old Kissing Gates with new ones. The first in Laburnham Drive and the second in Hawthorn Avenue.  The work was carried out During November and luckily the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Removing Himalayan Balsam now seems to be a regular, annual project. Brought to this country by Plantsmen in 1839 for its decorative value, (along with Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed), this highly invasive species is threatening to smother native plants out of existence. Read more about Himalayan Balsam here.

We also have a stall at the village fete with info., pictures, plants, bird boxes, etc. The group is pro-active in providing articles of local interest to 'Roundabout' magazine and we keep the Parish Council informed of, and up-to-date with, our activities.

Our co-operation with other local groups and organisations is well known throughout the Parish and is, in part, why we are so successful.






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