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Wistaston Conservation Group. Home.

Wistaston Conservation Group is a group of like-minded local people who love the natural features of Wistaston and wish to preserve or, if possible, improve them so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do today.

Our motto is, “to preserve Wistaston’s natural features for future generations”, and our logo is the White Letter Hairstreak butterfly.

Please use the links to browse through our site and familiarise yourself with our aims, achievements and current projects; see our members at work on their current and past projects, i.e. creating new pathways, and discover the different ways in which you can get involved and support us.


Wistaston Bird Sightings & Reporting



Monday morning working parties 2022

Monday 17th JANUARY - 9.30am

Carry on with coppicing and hurdle building.

Meet by the bird feeders.

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Coronavirus and Wistaston.

Wistaston Memorial Hall.
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Wistaston Parish Council.
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